ION BALLISTIC BOOTS (2015) Internal split toe - 6,5 mm

ION BALLISTIC BOOTS (2015) Internal split toe - 6,5 mm
Product Description
Internal split toe - 6,5 mm
The BALLISTIC range is our premium line and the creme de la creme of water footwear.  If your looking for exceptional warmth and maximum protection then this is the line for you.  With support and stretch in the right places. its further enhance with well thought out and cleverly designed features.  
All of the ballistic line have the following standard features ...
  • Aramid: Super robust ballistic sole protection against sharp reef, mussels and other sharp objects.
  • Internal Split Toe: a feature aimed to eliminate that spongy feeling within the toe area (an exception is made in the ballistic toes which have an external split)
  • Segmented Toes: creative and strategic cuttings have been integrated into the sole to enhance the flexibility in critical areas of the foot.
  • Tatex_Glue: all GBS_Seams are sealed on the outside for best water- proofness.
  • Donut_Cuff: made of a one piece Neoprene, which provides slick cuff sealing without seams.
  • Velcro_Loop: detachable water sealing Velcro loop around the shaft.
  • Velcro_Adjuster: Velcro loop (not shown on picture) on instep to fix the foot firmly in the heel cap for best stability.
  • External shoe horn: fast and tear proof entry.
  • Finger_Loop: helps your heel to step in.
  • GBS_Seams
  • Grip_Print: gives you just the right friction in foot straps.
  • Repellen-Si
  • Supra_Tex


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