ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm

ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm
Product Description

 ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm

  • Gecko_Grip: ever watched a Gecko running up and down the walls? Then you know the inspiration for this feature.  A sticky circular ribbed shape print provides awesome grip on the wet surface of a boom or a kite bar.  It prevents cramps and makes a huge difference compared to conventional gloves.
  • Dual_Seal: new double layer cuff construction on the collar improves the water sealing significantly (only 3,2 mm)
  • Cuff_Tongue: two wave shaped tongues on inner cuff make it easier to grip and pull
  • Velcro_Closure: outer cuff has a velcro closure for easy access and water sealing.
  • Glide_Skin: inside wrist PU-coatng for perfect water sealing and anti rash
  • Reinforcement: inner cuff is reinforced with Tatex_Glue
  • C_Mesh: windchill protection
  • K_Type Neoprene


£39.95 See size chart

*Please note that this size chart is intended as a guide only.

Perception of comfort is highly subjective and individual body shapes can vary considerably. To ensure the perfect fit always try it on in the shop first! Also be aware that time and exposure to UV can affect the integrity of neoprene itself and wetsuits will stretch slightly over time.

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