ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm

ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm
Product Description

 ION NEO GLOVES (2015) 3,2 mm

  • Gecko_Grip: ever watched a Gecko running up and down the walls? Then you know the inspiration for this feature.  A sticky circular ribbed shape print provides awesome grip on the wet surface of a boom or a kite bar.  It prevents cramps and makes a huge difference compared to conventional gloves.
  • Dual_Seal: new double layer cuff construction on the collar improves the water sealing significantly (only 3,2 mm)
  • Cuff_Tongue: two wave shaped tongues on inner cuff make it easier to grip and pull
  • Velcro_Closure: outer cuff has a velcro closure for easy access and water sealing.
  • Glide_Skin: inside wrist PU-coatng for perfect water sealing and anti rash
  • Reinforcement: inner cuff is reinforced with Tatex_Glue
  • C_Mesh: windchill protection
  • K_Type Neoprene



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