ION PLASMA BOOTS (2015) No split toe - 3,2 mm

ION PLASMA BOOTS (2015) No split toe - 3,2 mm
Product Description
No split toe - 3,2 mm
The PLASMA line is the more colourful line which pleases the budget orientated rider.  Nonetheless it comes packed with features which stand out amongst others.  
As a standard the Plasma line has the following features:
  • Segmented Sole: strategic cuttings enhance flexibility of the sole
  • Traction: sticky grip print on the insole for best traction (not for plasma socks)
  • Donut_Cuff: made of a one piece neoprene, which provides slick cuff sealing without seams
  • External shoe horn: fast and tear proof entry
  • Flex_Control: a striped print on the instep provides better stance and stability by reducing the stretch in this area
  • Rubber_Wings: embraces your ankle and keeps it strong.
  • Glued blind stitch (GBS) seams: uses highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue and blind-stitched seams, tear-proof, elasticated, highly water-resistant and provide great insulation and comfort.


£22.95 £32.95

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