JUNIOR ION CAPTURE WETSUIT (2015) [Only Size 6/116 available] 5,5 mm Semidry DL Long sleeve

Product Description


[Size 6 (116) available only]

5,5 mm Semidry DL Long sleeve

Performance orientated panel layout with a hight percentage of very durable Nylon lining wrapped in an ION typical outstanding design for high-flying juniors.

Ideal for ... ambitious ripping' kids who need a reliable and durable suit in the progressive ION style.


  • Glued blind stitch (GBS) seams: uses highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue and blind-stitched seams, tear-proof, elasticated, highly water-resistant and provide great insulation and comfort.
  • Double Lined Neoprene (DL): a thin jersey layer laminated onto the neoprene to protect foam against ripping.
  • Water_Gate_Plus: batwing panel on the back behind the zip. It acts as a barrier against water that seeps into the suit via the back zip. The seams are glue blind-stitched and covered by extra sealing neoprene tape. 
  • L_tex_ protection: An erosion resistant protection that’s printed onto the knee, varying in shape and size depending on the suit.
  • Seam_Reinforcements: all stress points reinforced and secured with Melco tape for increased lifespan.
  • Drain_Holes: in order to prevent water accumulation and assure quick water release is provided when needed.
  • Contour_Cut: to improve flexibility and comfort. It greatly enhances flex in the collar, wrists, elbows, insteps and the back of the knees.
  • Sunglasses_Loop: attach the safety line of your ION sunglasses to the small loop on the neck of our wetsuits and tops.
  • Velcro_Leg Loop: All back zip and long leg ION wetsuits come with detachable Velcro leg loops and plush panels above the ankle. The loops can be tightly wrapped around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit. If you choose not to use the Velcro loops, they can be easily removed by hand. 


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