MENS ION ONYX CORE WETSUIT (2018) 4,3 mm Semidry FZ DL

Product Description
4,3 mm Semidry FZ DL
(Tight fit)
As the Onyx Amp's little brother, the ONYX CORE makes a bold statement with its top-notch super flexible design. Match your personality with one of two colour schemes and get ready to look good and feel great!
  • Double lined
  • GBS
  • Super flex - Great overall range of movement, especially in the arms and legs
  • Warm - Hot Stuff lining and Water Gate Plus construction
  • Robust - Supra Tex knee protection and durable nylon to protect the suit from wear and tear



    £139.95 £189.95 See size chart

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    *Please note that this size chart is intended as a guide only.

    Perception of comfort is highly subjective and individual body shapes can vary considerably. To ensure the perfect fit always try it on in the shop first! Also be aware that time and exposure to UV can affect the integrity of neoprene itself and wetsuits will stretch slightly over time.

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