MENS ION ONYX SHORTY WETSUIT (2017) 2,5 mm Frontzip DL

Product Description
2,5 mm Frontzip DL

The ONYX AMP’s little brother… makes a bold statement with its top-notch design and flex boosting features. Match your personality with one of our two colour ways and get ready to look and feel great!

Target group … Front zip fanatics looking for outstanding performance to enhance their on-the-water experience.

  • Hot_stuff: woolly knit structure at the front and back ... feels great against bare skin and good stretch.
  • Double Lined Neoprene (DL): a thin jersey layer laminated onto the neoprene to protect foam against ripping.
  • Glued blind stitch (GBS) seams: uses highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue and blind-stitched seams (visible only on one side) – tear-proof, elasticated, highly water-resistant and provide great insulation and comfort.
  • Drain_Holes: on the back and front panel in order to prevent water accumulation and assure quick water release is provided when needed.
  • Keypocket_ Frontzip: all front zip suits come with a simple and thin layered Key_Pocket including a Key_Loop, which is placed discreetly on the inside of the chest bib under the zipper.


£69.95 £139.95