MENS ION STRIKE WETSUIT (2017) 5,5/4,5 mm Semidry DL

Product Description
5,5/4,5 mm Semidry DL
The STRIKE PERFORMANCE is the more affordable of the range and an awesome all-rounder!.  The single lines back panel gives freedom of movement where needed, while the Crash_Padz at the shins and ribs give confidence to the progressive rider.  Robust in design and available in two on-trend colour ways ready to suit your style!
Ideal for ... the progressive waterman with an ambition to improve their riding skills! 



  • Double Lined Neoprene (DL): outside stretch jersey layer to prevent the neoprene against ripping, increases the elasticity and robustness of the suit and includes a laminated thermo jersey layer inside for enhanced thermal insulation and overall comfort.
  • Water_Gate_Plus: a batwing panel on the back (behind the zip). Acts as a barrier against water, which enters the suit via the back zip.
  • Seam_Reinforcements: All the stress points that come under a lot of force are reinforced with either Melco_tape on the inside seam, or rubber patches on the outside of the suit to prevent ripping.
  • Hot_Stuff: An improved version of its predecessor! The woolly-knit structure feels great against bare skin and has outstanding flex for optimised freedom of movement.
  • Crash_Padz: uses K_type neoprene foam pads that dampen and protect against pressure and impact (shins, ribs, crotch, hip and tailbone). No of pads varies according to the suit.
  • Grind_Tex: highly abrasion resistant and with great strength against tearing. Used primarily on the knee panels at PERFORMANCE level.
  • Velcro_Leg loop: All back zip and long leg ION wetsuits come with detachable Velcro leg loops and plush panels above the ankle. The loops can be tightly wrapped around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit. They come with a unique construction of extra strong Velcro. If you choose not to use the Velcro loops, they can be easily removed by hand.
  • Drain_Holes: All wetsuits that have the Water_Gate_Plus batwing panels have small holes in the lower back. This keeps the back area dry by allowing water which has leaked in via back zip to drain out. They are also placed in the calf area to prevent water from being trapped. 
  • Sunglasses_Loop: attach the safety line of your ION sunglasses to the small loop on the neck of our wetsuits and tops.
  • Key_Pocket_Backzip: all back zip suits come with a simple and thin layered Key_Pocket including a Key_Loop, which is placed discreetly on the inside of the left shoulder.


£119.95 £199.95

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