Product Description

Why go alone when you can have double the fun! Take a loved one, a youngster or simply your best mate onboard and enjoy the ride with a two-stroke engine!

SUP lovers and Windsurf enthusiasts will get equal enjoyment out of our Tandem iSUP. Our Double Layer HD technology creates maximum stiffness with an ideal weight / durability ratio for these 16 feet of fun. Turn the SUP into a Windsurf Tandem through the removable centre and rear fins, and the two mastfoot inserts. For easy transportation, we’ve developed a premium bag for the Tandem Air, including our Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for quick and easy inflation.

  • Ultra long outline with good glide, great stability and flotation
  • Plenty of space for two people including two windsurfing rigs
  • High Quality Double Layer HD technology with top
  • materials / manufacturing
  • Comfortable and grippy footpad, towing eyelet and comfy
  • carrying handles
  • Removable centre and rear US Box fin, no tools needed
  • Deck net to attach luggage
  • Excellent bag with wheels and accessory compartments for
  • ease of transport
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2
  • 2 × Mastfoot inserts for windsurfing option





£999.00 £1,499.00