WOMENS ION NEO TOP (2015) 2,1 mm Long sleeve

WOMENS ION NEO TOP (2015) 2,1 mm Long sleeve
Product Description


2,1 mm Long sleeve

The ION NEO TOPS are very versatile companions on the water.  Mostly used in warm water or to react to changing weather conditions, they can also be used as a second layer underneath the wetsuit when its getting chilly or cloudy.  Thanks to the plushy, Hot Stuff these tops are extremely comfortable - also on bare skin. Compared to rash guards, the ION NEO TOPS provide better heat retention, 100% UV protection and help reduce rash and pressure marks from a harness or from lying on a surfboard.

  • Flat Lock: flexible, non irritating seams
  • Slip Loop: a fine webbing loop for fixing the board shorts
  • Sunglass Loop: don’t lose your sunglasses
  • UV_Protection: UPF
  • Hot Stuff: good stretch, wooly knit structure
  • S_Type Neoprene: great stretch, Incredibly warm


£34.95 £74.95 See size chart

*Please note that this size chart is intended as a guide only.

Perception of comfort is highly subjective and individual body shapes can vary considerably. To ensure the perfect fit always try it on in the shop first! Also be aware that time and exposure to UV can affect the integrity of neoprene itself and wetsuits will stretch slightly over time.

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