WOMENS ION NEO ZIP TOP (2015) 2,1 mm

Product Description
 2,1 mm

Standup paddle boarding is becoming more and more popular.  It doesn't matter if you have the guts to charge big hollow tubes, or race across the ocean or just simply enjoy a great casual time on the water.  Its a fantastic sport that offers so much fun and new challenges.

Our SUP products are capable of adapting to the changing temperature conditions and amount of sweat your body produces during intensive workout on the water.  Our goal, therefore is to offer maximum of stretch, comfort and quick drying products that SUP'ers really need!

Wear with ... ION Long Jane/ Long Pants for SUP

  • Quick_Dry: complete underarm/armpits made of super stretchy and quick drying polypropylene thermo jersey.  Provides perfect breathability and great freedom of movement on the upper body/arms.
  • S_Type Neoprene: is the standard range of neoprene foam used in our wetsuits and accessories. Offers great stretch and incredibly warm.
  • Hot_Stuff: woolly knit structure, feels great against bare skin and good stretch.
  • Cyber_Stretch: stretch factor ability – 80% good stretch and high resistance against abrasion 100% great stretch and 130% exceptional stretch.
  • Slip_Loop: a fine webbing loop for fixing the board shorts
  • Sunglass_Loop: so you don't loose your sunglasses!
  • Key_Loop: No need to panic! All ION neoprene products are equipped with key pocket with an elasticated attachment. Depending on the product this feature can be found on calf, arm or other area.
  • Flat Lock (FL) seams: used in wetsuits, rash guards and accessories with maximum neoprene thickness of 2-3mm that don’t require watertight seams. Maintains strength.


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